Saturday, 20 October 2012

Evolutionist Euthanasia of Science

Albrecht Dürer. St Jerome, 1514.

Evolutionism is unable to adequately explain the apparent design of biological structures, i.e. explain something that is directly observable and amenable to analysis. Well, of course, it does offer explanations but they are overly complex, if at all plausible. It is not polite to mention such things as Occam's razor.

Evolutionist philosophy has done a lot of damage to science and is continuing to corrode it. The world's science today resembles a transnational corporation with its board of directors, sponsors, clients such as pharmaceutical giants and grantomania. No one is interested in scrupulous scientific inquiry and the quest for truth. Paper submission is functioning like a mass production conveyor, no one is responsible for the published results (perhaps except in cases of dissent from the hard line of the Evolutionist Partei). Evolutionist ideology rules in the lab.

Modern science—a successor of the European science of the times of the Industrial Revolution—has departed from its Christian roots. Now that the understanding of the overarching purpose in the existence of the world as well as the recognition of the worth and uniqueness of human life have been lost, to find enough ethical grounds for scientific inquiry is impossible, since only religion provides genuine impetus to ethics and morality. This is why we are experiencing the lowering of standards of scientific research and a decline in its prestige in the young generation.

In its solipsism, evolutionism undermines the philosophical grounds of the scientific method — the objectivity of observation. If I can see apparent design in a biological system, I as a scientist have the right to assume that my observations correspond to reality. The policy of placing artificial bounds on the set of possible causal factors in the genesis of biological systems pursued by evolutionism allegedly in good faith and for the sake of science turns out to be detrimental to it. The basis for any scientific inquiry which is in the connection between a chain of reasoning and the objective reality, is no more. Reality is an illusion. Science drifts towards Buddhism, which poisons many minds especially in the West.

If we value science and its cause, we must reconsider the evolutionist paradigm. The sooner, the better. 

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