Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Creepy-Crawlies Use Cogs

The cogs used in hind legs of Issus coleoptratus.

To synchronise mechanical motion of their legs when jumping, chrysalises of small insects Issus coleoptratus use cogs. Thanks to such a simple mechanical device the insects reduce asynchrony of their hind leg movements down to about 30 microseconds.

This is an example of a striking structural (not just functional) similarity of artificial and biological systems. This demands a verdict. One can't just pass this by resorting to usual evolutionary story-telling. The bankruptcy of the RV+NS Darwinian model, if not of the entire evolutionary paradigm, is so blatantly obvious. There is an urgent need for a new synthesis, this time one employing decision based causality. 

An unbiased observer is absolutely clear that such a mechanical structure can only come about by design. Using a non-telic explanatory framework to account for such phenomena as this one is so clearly deficient and, in my opinion, is below one's dignity.

Such systems can only be designed. Evolutionism is a chimera which must be renounced if scientific truth is of any value to us.

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Malcolm Burrows, Gregory Sutton. Interacting gears synchronize propulsive leg movements in a jumping insect // Science. 2013. V. 341. P. 1254–1256. Doi:10.1126/science.1240284.  

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