Thursday, 16 January 2014

Protein Life is an AI system

Below is a quote from a Russian textbook on Artificial Intelligence [1]. This is exactly what ID claims in relation to protein life, whose core is an irreducibly complex cycle DNA-protein-DNA.

The author emphasises the active nature of different parts of knowledge representation systems. She writes (italics by the author, bold is mine, as is the translation):
"By executing a program, a computer processes data. The program contains procedural knowledge, i.e. knowledge in action, knowledge about how to act in order to get the desired result. In other words, data is declarative knowledge. Data is a representation of information with regards to what must be processed by executing a given routine. The program is a data activator. Data activation is interpreted as the execution of a sequence of actions an information processing system performs in response to accumulated knowledge or data. Likewise, declarative knowledge, or data, activates procedures for its processing".

This is exactly what is going on in organisms. From this point of view, biological systems and artificial information processing systems are indistinguishable. Evolutionary models of a gradual generation of the complex functional system {the Turing machine, a tape with data} are meaningless because neither the Turing machine without data nor data without the Turing machine has any meaning. On the contrary, data, the protocol for its representation and an interpreter can only be loaded in an information processing system all together at once by way of intentional agency. There is absolutely no practical justification to think that biological systems might have been an exception. The question of whether artificially created information processing systems can be autonomous, can self-regulate and change in response to change in the environment, is secondary to the question of how the complex {the program, data} can come about. So the program and data for it can only exist as a complex interdependent whole:
  • the Turing machine = the reading polymerase, ribosomes, transcription/translation factors etc. (details here);
  • a tape with data = DNA/RNA;

which is an Artificial Intelligence system.

  1. Болотова Л.С. "Системы искусственного интеллекта: модели и технологии, основанные на знаниях", М., Финансы и статистика, 2012.

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