Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Structural isomorphism and functional similarities of the human brain and computer networks

Fig.1. Topological structure of the human brain. Source - vesti.ru.

Fig.2. Topological structure of the internet. Source - Wikipedia, Opte project.

Assume we study some object X (the human brain). In particular, we would like to establish whether anything can be said about the origins of X: artificial or naturalnon-intelligent?

We have another object Y, whose origins are known precisely. In our case, it is the internet. Furthermore, a comparative analysis of X and Y suggests that X and Y are similar structurally (spectacular isomorphism demonstrated in the pictures) and functionally (both are intended for information processing and storage).

Now, we ask ourselves a rhetorical question. Where does this evidence lead us? What can we honestly say about the origins of X: is it artificial or natural? I think that the answer is, given the evidence, the probability of X being artificial is higher than the opposite.

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