Monday, 20 May 2013

Two more references to Kirk Durston

Here are two very interesting references I encountered very recently:

1. A video-clip of Kirk Durston's presentation:

2. A paper again by K.Durston, which is a summary of his and his colleagues' 2007 paper on measuring functional complexity of proteins where they published remarkable results showing statistically significant amounts of functional complexity across a sample of 35 protein families. The interesting bit here is that to date, no one has been able to demonstrate convincingly that causation other than rational agency is capable of producing large amounts of functional sequence complexity. This newer summary is free from technical details and is easier to read for a non-biologist:

As far as I gather, the reason why Durston published this summary is to clear away some misconceptions about his 2007 paper and its results.

Having said this, I would like to point out the following. I have been following the recent origin of life/bio-evolution disputes quite closely for more than a year, to say the least. What surprises me as an onlooker is an incredibly low ethical level of arguments on the part of the evolutionists overall. The discussion is heated, and understandably so — it concerns our world views and philosophical or religious commitments. But, colleagues, this is over the top (without pointing a finger to anyone personally). We cannot afford to lie if we call ourselves scientists and if, as we say, scientific truth matters to us. Scientific truth cannot be pursued by indecency and willful distortions.

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