Monday, 5 August 2013

A little quiz: guess what it is

What is it?
It is the beginning of the glorious second movement of the immortal 7th symphony by Beethoven as presented in the musical equaliser in one of the videos on youTube. Every single colour corresponds to a separate musical score. Line segments follow the pitch of separate notes, the length of each being proportional to the duration of its corresponding note. The gaps between line segments represent rests. Isn't it a colourful example of ID detection? I just could not go by.
If you are wondering why this is an illustration of ID detection, perhaps, it is sufficient to recall that no known natural physical cause (except intelligent agency), be it a stochastic process or a law-like necessity, is capable of producing a musical piece, i.e. a long enough non-trivial coherent concordance of sound frequencies.

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