Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A Scientist's Tale

Once upon a time there lived the universal common ancestor in a pond. Nobody knows exactly what it was or when it decided to spontaneously self-organise out of mud. It had very good friends, cosmic radiation and volcanic eruptions. But its best friends ever were Time and Chance. It was Time and Chance who helped it turn into many different forms, which was done so cleverly that some people think that they were designed by intelligence. But those stupid people do not understand how witty, yet completely without intelligence, Time and Chance really were. Just think how life emerges from chaos! It makes you an intellectually fulfilled believer in the power of chaos. The intellectually fulfilled must believe that life only appears to be designed. Anyway, at some point our poor common ancestor was eaten by its own offspring. Time went on as its great-grand children evolved and evolved happily ever after.

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